A Modern Farmhouse Christmas Tree


For years my Christmas decor would have best been described as eclectic. And by eclectic I mean a disastrous collection of ornaments bought and handed down over the years. Last year, I decided to have the tree and decor I have always wanted. I decluttered our Christmas boxes. A lot of it was donated, much was tossed and the rest was boxed up for each of the boys so when they have their first tree, they will have nostalgic ornaments from their growing up years.

I wanted a house and tree that reminded me of my growing up years with a modern twist. It was my tradition every year to help my grandmother decorate her tree. She sat and sipped her Early Times and water and I did the grunt work while we gossiped about family scandals and the Young and the Restless. “You are so much better at hanging the lights than I am Steffie,” she would say. Clever woman she was.

I wanted my tree and decor to transcend me back to those feelings of warmth and joy, so I set out to make it happen. My grandparents lived on a lake when I was growing up and my fondest memories were spying the squirrels, chipmunks and an occasional red bird. We used to set dog food out at night, turn the lights off and wait for the raccoons to arrive for a feast. I used that woodland inspiration to bring my Christmas vision to life.

I love how this throwback tree looks against our giant metal and glass garage doors in the living room.

Modern Farmhouse Christmas Tree Decor

The key to my woodland tree is many different textures. I used three types of garland. The cloth pompoms I ordered on Etsy and strung together, the glass ornaments I strung on twine and the wood chip garland I purchased at a local store.

Modern Farmhouse Tree Garland Decor Ideas

The red bird is my overall inspiration. The red birds on the tree remind me of those rare moments of joy when Mimi and I would spy a Northern Cardinal. Their gorgeous color inspires every piece of Christmas decor in my home. the skis are for my grandfather who would go cross country skiing all winter in the snow.

The ornaments are a collection of birds and creatures along with some fun gnomes, sweaters, giant white snowflakes to add some snow and some homemade ornaments my husband cut for me like the stars and wood pieces.

The lit lanterns I found at Pottery Barn and I am crazy for them. Pottery Barn no longer carries them, but these from World Market are pretty close!

These signs transport me back to simpler times. I absolutely love how they look on the tree.

Modern Farmhouse Tree Decor Lit up Signs

The snowmen hats you see still out are picks. I love the frosty accent and pops of red they add.

I was always taught to space everything out perfectly on the tree. Don’t get the ornaments too close together. Leave space. Throw that all out the window and pile it on thick. The more the merrier!


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