Christmas Storage Round Up


These Christmas storage solutions are great for storing your ornaments, garland, wrapping paper, bows, wreaths, and trees!

Christmas Storage Solutions 2022 with Otis

After years of dreading getting out of the unorganized chaos of Christmas decor, I purchased a couple of storage containers and got organized. It started with several ornament boxes and has grown into quite a collection.

I have storage for lights, paper, ornaments, trees, picks, pillows, and everything else. The lights alone are worth it, as they are perfectly wrapped and untangled each year. I have gathered my favorites below so you can start your organization collection too!

Christmas Storage for Ornaments, Trees & More

Christmas Storage Round Up

1. Wreath Storage $20

This keeps your wreaths from getting all smooshed up from year to year. And it keeps all the dust and grime off of them if you store them in the garage like I do.

2. Large Christmas Ornament Storage Box with Dual Zipper Closure $35

I have several of these ornament boxes. I store different colors or like ornaments together to change my theme each year easily.

3. Wrapping Paper Storage Box $20

I always buy too much wrapping paper; when I store it in the corner, it’s always a mess by the next year. This box keeps my paper in perfect condition year-round.

4.  Easy and Inexpensive Christmas Light Storage $30

Looking for an inexpensive way to store your lights so you don’t have to get into a boxing match with the annually? This is it. And it’s so cute!

5. Christmas Ornament Storage Container Box with Drawers $40

I have a couple of these, and I like that you can display the ornaments. The box above doesn’t allow for separation so it’s good for all the same ornaments in one box. This one is a better option for different types and colors.

6. Rolling Duffle Bag Tree Storage Bag $50

These are the best for storing artificial trees, picks, and garlands. The rollers are key!

7. Gift Wrap Organizer, Christmas Wrapping Paper Storage Bag $24

I love that this wrapping paper storage solution holds not only your wrapping paper but also organizes your ribbons and bows!

8. Christmas Light Storage $29

I have a couple of these and love how they store my lights.

9. Large Ornament Storage $40

I have a ton of large ornaments that require adjustable storage. These do the trick.

10. Stand-Up Tree Storage $129

Can’t be bothered to take the tree apart every year? This tree storage container is perfect for you!

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