Creating a Warm & Cozy Home with Fall Decor


Simple fall decor ideas that create a cozy, inviting ambiance that will get you in the mood for hygge. 

Fall Decor Living Room Round Up

My fall decor style (and overall design style) could easily be summed up in one word I stole from the Danish … hygge. 

Hygge [ hooguh ] – noun – (especially in reference to the Danish lifestyle) the feeling of coziness and contentment evoked by simple comforts, as being wrapped in a blanket, having good conversations, enjoying food, etc.

Home is about creating space that is both a tribute to memories of the past as well as a cozy, inviting place to create new ones. It should reflect your inner soul, bring you comfort and show off your own personal style. 

When you come to my house, especially for the holiday season, I want you to want to grab a blanket from the basket, snuggle into our sofa and watch the fire dance while we laugh and share wine and stories for hours. I want you to feel so at home, so cozy, you never want to leave. 

I want you to leave. By 9:00. 10:00 at the absolute latest. But I don’t want you to want to.

Fall decor is about enhancing your current style with colors and textures that celebrate the season but stay true to you and your design. 

If your style is maximalism GO BIG AF. I love visiting over-the-top designers homes. I’m always impressed by how they get all that design in one small space and make it feel uncluttered-ish. 

I am not a minimalist, but I am about simplicity. If I add a piece of holiday decor, I remove a piece of non-holiday decor. 

Nothing creates a cozier, more inviting ambiance than a perfectly lit room with dimmed lights and candles, upon candles, upon candles. Put them everywhere.

Fall Decor Living Room Table Candles

candlesticksmulti-wick candlecandle snufferoblong wood traysimilar stems

Pillow covers are the easiest and most effective way to change seasons in your decor. I have specific sized inserts that I use for all seasons and just change out the covers. HOWEVER when I see a fabulous pillow like this lumbar pillow, I can’t help myself.

Fall Decor Living Room Round Up with a Hygge Mood

sofaplaid blanketsimilar block pillowgreen & orange pillowssimilar plaid lumbar pillowgreen tapestry pillow

Baskets and baskets of blankets. They add texture and colors of each season and they create that cozy hygge that makes people feel like they could stay forever. 

The Coziest Fall Blankets 2022

all blankets

I’m a big fan of using art to change out seasons and holidays. I have my main pieces on the wall that stay year round, but I switch out my mantle and shelf art seasonally and holiday-ly. It’s also a fabulous way to support artists on Etsy or add a vintage touch by shopping your local antique stores.

Fall Decor Living Room Round Up

candlesticksfox artarched brass mirrorsimilar fall stems

Changing out pieces on your shelves with update fall artwork, textures and colors sets the holiday tone.

Fall Decor Shelves

pumpkin candleacorn artworkfox artblack fluted bowl

Beware, hygge gonna getcha.

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