My Favorite Kid & Pet Friendly Rugs


For years I wanted expensive looking rugs, but raising three boys and countless dogs meant a hard pass on having beautiful rugs. I would spend all my time freaking out about puke, pee and spills.

Then came Ruggable. I recently started designing a home and barn for the founder of Ruggable. I did a quick google search before we met and saw the rugs online and my first thought was, cool concept, but I’m sure they don’t look great in person.

Then I met her at her house for our first design meeting and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. There were stunning rugs in every room.

“No chance these are Ruggable,” I thought.

They were far too nice to be the washable rugs I saw on the website. As the meeting drew to a close I finally asked her, “Are these Ruggable rugs?”

They were indeed Ruggable rugs and I couldn’t place an order fast enough. I now have four and will be purchasing another this week. I put them in every house I design and felt it was my duty as a designer, mom and dog lover to help you have nice things too. My favorites are below.

First Row: Ophelia Navy & Redwood, Vesper Olive & Gold
Second Row: Frances Golden Red, Kamran Blue Quartz
Third Row: Verdena Dark Wood, Rowan Bordeaux

Which one is your favorite? Do you already own a Ruggable?

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  1. KRIS NORBY says:

    Love Ruggable rugs – simply the best! Where is your slipcovered couch from – and fabric/color?

    1. SMullen Author says:

      Me too! My couch is from Pottery Barn. It’s the Big Sur Slipcovered square arm with a double wide chaise. The fabric is everyday linen in oatmeal.

  2. Question, if I put a thick pad under the ruggable for more comfort, will spills and things seep through the ruggable?

    1. SMullen Author says:

      The site says they are water resistant. I have never had issues with the rugs seeping through, but I haven’t had anything sit on the rugs for an extended period of time. To be sure, I would contact Ruggable direct!

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