Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas


Your Thanksgiving table decor is the literal centerpiece of your holiday feast. I have put together four different Thanksgiving table settings for you, complete with sources and photos.

stefanie mullen thanksgiving table

Every Thanksgiving table setting I’m sharing with you has greenery and candles. Greenery because it’s soothing, a great filler and I love bringing the outside in. Always, but especially on Thanksgiving. 

Candles because they fill every moment with a hygge mood and because they make me think of families years and years ago sitting around their Thanksgiving table with no light other than candles … and how easy it was for them to hide the disdain on their faces towards drunk Uncle Jerry or a smile for drunk Aunt Betty. Dimly lit rooms are a good thing.

dark plates thanksgiving

Traditional Thanksgiving Table Setting

My Mimi’s china, the bottom plate with the black and silver trim, that she passed down to me gives me all the feels every year as I set the table and makes me long to pour an Early Times and water, easy on the water, over ice and replay every holiday I shared with her.  

Plymouth Gate Thanksgiving plate 2022

These beautiful plates are new this year. I wanted a traditional plate that wasn’t too fancy. The geometric style trim levels out the fanciness of the proper and plume-y birds. I also don’t like every plate to be exactly the same as you will see with these and my Farmhouse tablescape below. So when I found these Plymouth Gate plates with the four different birds I knew they were perfect.

Traditional Thanksgiving Table Setting

sources: Thanksgiving salad plates, gold flatware, coupe glasses, plaid napkins, black chargers, jute placemats, candle holders, candles, wood cart, chairs

These place settings are the perfect balance between elegant and casual. The silver and black rimmed china, gold silverware and the Plymouth Gate plates elevate the elegance while the plaid napkins and jute placemats make you feel like you can leave your shoes on and spill a little red wine and still get invited back next year.

Moody Thanksgiving Table with Black Plates

I am such a fan of a dark moody Thanksgiving table setting with black plates. It’s pure elegance.

I love how the greenery, pine cones and oranges bring an earthy feel to the table making it feel both elegant and comfortable.

Thanksgiving Tablescape with Black Plates

sources: charger plate, black dinner plate, champagne flutes, gold flatware, candles, candle holders, napkins, leather napkin ring, eucalyptus, shelf decor

Bright and Cheery Thanksgiving Tablescape

While it’s fun to relive traditions of Thanksgiving past, it’s also fun to do something unexpected.

colorful floral thanksgiving table

Small amber vases filled with bright, colorful flowers and dried oranges sprinkled throughout the eucalyptus make this cheery Thanksgiving table setting one of my favorites.

sources: black charger, gold flatware, candles, candle holders, eucalyptus, chairs, shelf decor, amber vases

Simple Farmhouse Thanksgiving Table Decor

Simplicity is never a bad idea. Simple everyday white plates paired with these farmhouse rooster plates (or any decorative salad plate with muted colors). We got these as a wedding present 18 years ago so they are no longer available, but any farmhouse style salad plate will work.  

farmhouse thanksgiving table decor

I love the simple olive branches down the center with candles sitting on wood pieces. Bringing the outside in again and adding a hygge mood.

Farmhouse table decor ideas

sources: placemats, white plates, black tags, white pen, brass salt and pepper mill, candles, candle holders, wood slices for candles, olive branch stems

I can’t decide which one to use this year for my guests. Which one is your favorite?

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