How To Style a Coffee Table


How to style a coffee table with a with both beauty and functionality. It’s all about what you place and where you place it. But first, you need to know what you want to have on your coffee table.

Let’s figure out how to style a personalized living room coffee table that serves you when you sit down to relax. 

How to Style a Beautiful Personalized Coffee Table

Start by asking yourself a few questions:

• Do you put your feet on your coffee table? 

If so, you are going to want to leave the area closest to your couch open. You definitely don’t want to have to move something every time you sit down to relax. 

• Do you put drinks on your coffee table? 

Make sure you include coasters in your styling. 

how to style a farmhouse coffee table

• Do you like to use books in your decor? 

What kind? Don’t just put any books on your table, put books you will actually pick up and scroll through. I love design books, antique books and books with images of beautiful scenery. Check out some of my favorite COFFEE TABLE BOOKS.

• Do you want magazines on the table? 

Organize magazines with a woven tray

• Do you burn candles often? 

Be sure to include a candle, all your candle tools (snuffer, trimmer, lighter or matches). You don’t want to sit down and relax and then realize you have to go find a lighter. 

• Does greenery bring you peace? 

No, I kill it. How about some faux stems in a vase. Yes, I love it. A small potted plant is always a beautiful choice for a coffee table. 

• Do you keep your remotes on the table? 

Have a bowl or box to put them in when not in use. This does two things; it gives them a designed space and it keeps you from losing it everytime you turn the tv on. 

Tips for Styling a Coffee Table

I don’t believe in design rules. The only rule you should have is do what bring you joy. But I like to give guidelines because they are helpful in design. Here are a few to keep in mind when styling your coffee table. 

Include different textures. Use woven bowls or trays, glass candles, brass candlesticks with tapers, paper books or magazines and cement pots. 

For round tables, use three groupings of items in a triangle shape in the middle of the table. 

How to Style a Round Coffee Table

For small square or rectangular tables, divide the table into quadrants. You don’t have to place something in each quadrant. Maybe you only do three out of four because you want an open space for your feet. 

For large rectangular or oval tables, divide the table into thirds. 

Do not place tall stems or plants on your coffee table if you sit on the couch and watch tv. They look pretty but you will have to move them every time you sit down. 

Have any other questions? Ask in the comments below. I respond to them all! 

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